Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Day 74

Dear Daddy,
Today we had such a busy day. Mommy was off and we had to go to buy groceries because we had like no food at home except for baby food. We also went to the new Costco in Redwood City to buy some stuff for you but we couldn't find what we wanted. I was so tired in Costco that I fell asleep in the shopping cart Mommy wanted to take a picture of me sleeping but her phone had died and for once she didn't have the camera with her. We went home and then we had lunch because we were all so hungry. A little later, Mommy tried to get me to take a nap because she had to go somewhere and she wanted me to be sleeping so I wouldn't give Tia Dany trouble. I did fall asleep for Tia Dany but only for about twenty minutes. Mommy came home and found me wide awake so we started carving pumpkins. Here is mine! Mommy made it to look like me, with my little gap teeth and silly face.

and theses are three of the pumpkins Mommy carved, we still have two more to go but she was tired so she's doing the rest of them tomorrow.

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