Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Day 79

Dear Daddy,
Today Mommy didn't have to work so I was so happy to see her next to me when I woke up. We woke up and played and then had some breakfast together. She had an omelette and shared with me. We started getting ready for the day because we had a lot of things to do.
We had to go to Stanford with both Grandmas so Mommy could fix something about a bill but I took a nap. When I woke up we were in Olive Garden. I had some breadsticks and some of Mommy's pasta. After we finished eating we went to Costco to buy some things to send you. When we got home we started packing them up, thinking we had enough boxes for what were going to send you but we were wrong. We needed to go to the post office to get another one but I was tired and we decided to go after my nap. When I woke up though, the post office was closed already so the box would have to wait.
I played with my drums and toys. Here I am drumming away. I love playing with my instruments that Tia Dany got me for my birthday.


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