Thursday, November 12, 2009

Day 88

Dear Daddy,
Today I woke up feeling a little bit better, guess the yucky medicine did help...I hate to admit that I guess the woman was right, for once. But I still had to take the yucky medicine even though I told Mommy I felt better.
Mommy told me that a lady from my favorite yogurts read my blog and YoBaby did a feature on us on their facebook page so we had a lot of people telling us that they loved my blog. I was so excited, Mommy and I started this blog and we didn't really think anyone but you would really read it so for people to tell us that they think me writing to you is touching is really cool.
The day was a pretty boring day, we mostly enjoyed our last day before Mommy went to work so we played around with all my toys and just relaxed. Tia Dany had no school because it was Veterans Day so she played with us too. I took a nap around 10 and I woke up at like 10:30 and was not very happy at all. Mommy and Grandma were gone and Tia Dany went to get me from my crib. She told me that Mommy and Grandma took a whole bunch of boxes to the storage unit and they didn't bring me along because I was sleeping. So she played with me and read me some books and Mommy was home very soon. I was so tired that when I saw Mommy I walked over to the bed and pointed to it because I wanted to take a nap, so we took a nice long nap.
By the time I woke up it was lunch time, Mommy got my lunch ready and Grandma fed me while Mommy took a shower. Then we just played and I watched a movie and we took a nap later on.
Grandpa and Grandma came over and we all had dinner and played together. I was so tired and went down to bed around 7:45 and by 8 I was already snoring.
Love you soooooo much,

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