Sunday, November 22, 2009

Day 99

Dear Daddy,
Last night I had a rough night, when Mommy went to bed I decided that I didn't want to sleep and fussed a whole lot. Mommy wasn't happy. I would fall asleep for a few minutes, ten minutes at the most and then I would wake up and cry. Mommy would pat me down and I would fall asleep but then wake up. No one was happy about that, especially Mommy because she was really tired. I just wanted her to take me out of the crib so I could go outside and play. I eventually fell asleep around 4 for a few hours and at 6:30 I was ready to get up but Mommy wasn't so she kept me in the crib for another half an hour because she was very tired.
By 7 we got up and got ready for church, I had breakfast before we went because Mommy knew that if we went without me eating, I would have a meltdown. I woke up with a very runny nose and was not happy at all but we went to church anyway. Not even halfway through, I started fussing because I was very tired. Mommy eventually took me to the car and put the music on so I could sleep and I did. After church, we went buy bagels and then went to visit Grandma and Grandpa. I played with everyone and was so happy even though I was still not feeling too well. We left around noon because Mommy was going to have lunch with Adrienne and she wanted to stop and buy me some medicine before she left. I had lunch and Mommy left and after Mommy left, Grandma and Tia Dany had to go to the store so we went. Since I fell asleep, Grandma waited in the car with me while Tia Dany bought what she needed. Eventually we came home and Mommy was back already and was taking a nap. I was still tired too so we both snuggled up and slept.
When I woke up I was feeling a little bit better, I had my dinner a little bit later and Grandma Adela and Grandpa were going to come over and have dinner. Tio Jesus and Tia Angelica also came over and ate with us and I played with Grandpa and Beto. I was happy to see so many people at home, I wanted to show off and act silly so I showed them how I made silly faces, and did the "Hot Dog" dance from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse for them. I also showed them all my toys and everyone would clap. 
Mommy knew I was still very tired so she gave me my medicine and got me ready for bed, I was pooped! Guess the sickness and all the dancing I did wore me out!
Love you sooooooo much,

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