Saturday, November 21, 2009

Day 96

Dear Daddy,
I woke up with Grandma since she has been watching me the past few nights that Mommy has been sick because the medicine Mommy takes makes her so sleepy she usually doesn't hear me when I wake up. We let Mommy sleep in so she could get some rest because Grandma said she really needs it. I was happy when Mommy woke up at nine thirty, I ran and gave her a huge hug. Mommy ate breakfast and I told her that I had already eaten but when Mommy was eating some eggs, I wanted some too so she shared with me. We played a little but then Mommy and I wanted to take a nap so we did. We took a very long nap so we woke up feeling great. Grandpa and Grandma came over before dinner and I ate fast so I could play with Grandpa.
I was very tired even though I slept a whole lot, so I didn't fuss when Mommy put me to bed. She was going to go see a movie with Tia Dany and said that she would be back very late and to be good and guess what Daddy? I obeyed her and fell fast asleep.
Miss you lots!

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