Saturday, November 14, 2009

Day 90

Dear Daddy,
Today was a pretty boring day again. Mommy went to work so I had to stay with Grandma. Mommy actually started at 8 and I was happy when I woke up because I saw her there but I saw her in her work clothes and I knew she would be leaving soon. I cried when she went but Grandma Adela came over early and stayed with me while Grandma Koko took Mommy to work. So that morning, I got to play with both of my grandmas! It was cool. We all had breakfast and then played with my toys and soon we took Grandma Adela home. I really wanted to see Tia Brenda and Great Grandma Nena so I got to play with them for a little while. Quetzali was there too and she was being kind of mean to me and didn't want to share her toys. She kept hitting me and it made me sad. I don't hit back cause I'm a gentleman and I don't hit girls, Mommy always says I have to share my toys even if I don't want to, I think her Mommy should tell her that too. Maybe she was just cranky though because we usually play very well.
We went and picked Mommy up and I took a nap in the car so in the afternoon I did not want to nap. Mommy and I played and relaxed but I didn't sleep. We went to Best Buy after dinner because Mommy needed to buy something for the computer. I don't know what she bought because I fell asleep in the car and didn't wake up until we got home. Since it was kind of late, Mommy put my PJs on and then we got ready for bed and read three books. I was so exhausted that I was dozing off while Mommy was reading "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" to me.

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