Saturday, November 14, 2009

Day 91

Dear Daddy,
Today was a busy day! After I woke up, I ate breakfast and then helped Grandma do some laundry. She says I'm her special helper! Doing laundry really wears me out, so when Grandma went to take a shower, she put me in my chair to watch a movie and I fell asleep. Grandma said I was snoring very loudly, I tell her I must have gotten that from you and Mommy since you guys both snore. Later, we went to pick Mommy up from work and then headed to Palo Alto to visit Tia Hayde for a little while. And after that, we went to the Apple store in Burlingame because Mommy needed the Apple guys to fix something with her laptop. While Mommy was getting the laptop fixed, Grandma and I walked around and we went to Gymboree. Grandma bought Alex, Nicky and I some vests there and I loved mine, it's so puffy and it's yellow. I put my vest on right away. Since Mommy and Grandma hadn't eaten anything we stopped at Crepevine to eat. Mommy shared some of her crepe and when she wasn't looking I snatched some lettuce off her plate. I thought it was a leaf from a tree, or some grass, and I was wondering why every time that I try to eat a leaf or some grass at the park they always tell me "no, no" but there they were, having it for lunch? It was gross. I started gagging and thew the lettuce on the floor. I'm never trying that again!
We finally went home and relaxed after our long day. Mommy and played with my toys and then she finished setting up the internet while I tried to take all the picture frames away and she got mad because I started throwing them. I made a silly face at her and blew a kiss and I could tell she was trying very hard to not laugh. Who can resist my cuteness?
I was so tired that around 7:30 I kept pointing to the room and when Mommy didn't understand what I wanted I walked over and pulled out a pair of PJs. So we got ready for bed, read our books and then I went right to sleep. 
I Love you Daddy, I know we still have a long wait ahead until you come home, but Mommy and I keep dreaming of the day that we can both hug and kiss you and not have to worry about you leaving again, 

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