Thursday, November 5, 2009

Day 82

Dear Daddy,
Today was a pretty boring day since I am still recovering and so is everyone else. I woke up at 6:30 to see Grandma next to me. I was sad and started crying and saying "Mama" over and over again. I had breakfast and then I played a whole lot. My favorite toy lately is the laundry basket. I love taking it and putting all my toys and then pushing it all around. It gets on everyone's nerve because the things I put in there I start hiding all over the house. Earlier, Grandma couldn't find the remote control to the TV and it was because I threw it in the trash can. 
We went to pick up Mommy from work and then she had to stop 
at the post office to pick up boxes for the care package we've been trying to send you. Mommy apologizes that it's taking forever to send them but we will try our best to send them tomorrow. Mommy hopes that she can get a doctor's appointment after work tomorrow so hopefully she will have time to take the boxes to the post office. You should see her, you always joke that she looks green and yellow but this time she looks neon yellow highlighter colored. Anyway, here I am trying to mail myself to you. I guess I'm too fat cause I dont fit in the box.
We took went into the room and started to watch Elf but I fell asleep and so did Mommy. By the time we woke up it was getting close to dinner time. Grandpa showed up and played with me while Mommy ate and relaxed a little and got my dinner ready. I made a huge mess and Mommy was not looking forward to picking it up because there were toys everywhere. She fed me, and let me play a little while, then I pooped so I said bye to Grandpa and Mommy went and cleaned me and then put in Baby Einstein so she could drink her tea and medicine, then give me my medicine, which I cant take for another 45 minutes, and then we plan on getting ready for bed and going to sleep.
Keep your fingers crossed that Mommy feels better because she says she does not feel good at all. And you know that she's not feeling well because when she picked my toys up, she didn't organize them (and we both know how OCD she gets, remember the crayons?). 
Love you very much and wish you were here so you could play with me and Mommy could rest a little.

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