Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Day 87

Dear Daddy,
Today I woke up and wasn't feeling too well, Mommy put a video on for me and I fell asleep again. When I woke up I was really fussy and I didn't really want to eat breakfast. Mommy called the doctor and they told her to take me in at 10 so we got ready and left. Turns out, I have a double ear infection. I was very fussy all day, but I was glad that Mommy was home all day again. After my appointment, Mommy had to go to Target to buy some things and Grandma and I waited in the car. After Mommy was done buying her things we went home and ate lunch. We played for a little bit and then I watched a movie while Mommy took a shower. I love Mommy being home because I can take nice long naps with her and nurse all I want. After Mommy showered, we took a nice nap and then when I woke up, she was cleaning and getting some things ready for dinner.
Grandpa came over for a little bit and then he left again because he was going to pick up my medicine at the pharmacy. While he was gone, I had dinner and then by the time he came back we played a little bit and then I got ready for bed so he went bye-bye. Mommy had to give me my medicine, I really hated it and I almost thew up. I never want to take that medicine ever again but Mommy says I have to take for 5 days, twice a day and hopefully that will make me feel better. I hope so, I'm tired of being sick!
Love you Daddy,

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