Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Day 94

Dear Daddy,
Today Mommy worked so I stayed with Grandma. We just stayed around the house and played until it was time to go get Mommy. Mommy and I got home and had lunch and then played for a little bit. We were both tired but only I took a nap because Mommy was coughing a whole lot and she couldn't fall asleep so she and just relaxed on the couch while I slept. When I woke up we started playing and got some more things for your Christmas present and Mommy started feeling really sick and coughing a whole lot. She put me in the crib because she couldn't stop coughing. I couldn't see her but I could hear her coughing. She coughed forever! Soon, she was able to stop coughing so much and she got dinner ready and fed me. Grandma got home and she told Mommy that she had to go to the doctor so we did. Mommy was in the doctor's for awhile. When she came out she told us that we needed to go get some medicine so we did. Grandma Adela came with us too. We went home and Mommy had to use a weird machine for breathing, I wanted to try it because it looked like fun but they didn't let me so I played with Grandpa instead. I played for awhile and soon Grandma and Grandpa went home and I started getting ready for bed. 

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