Saturday, November 21, 2009

Day 97

Dear Daddy,
Today was a pretty busy day and a whole lot more fun than the last days. Mommy was feeling better and we had to go to target to buy some things so we got in the car and went. Mommy says I'm funny because I love riding in shopping carts. I get all excited and point at them because I want to get on. Mommy got a bunch of things and she got mad because I kept pulling things out of the cart and throwing them on the floor. 
After Target we went to Red Robin because Mommy hadn't eaten and she was starting to feel sick. I ate some pasta that Mommy brought for me and a yogurt and when Mommy wasn't looking I tried to steal some of her food and it was spicy so I wasn't happy. I cried and got really mad and wanted to throw her plate on the floor. Mommy knew it was close to naptime and that I was getting cranky but we still had one more stop. At the next store we went to I threw a fit. I wanted to go home and sleep. Grandma took me to the car while Mommy finished buying what she needed and the next thing I knew I had fallen asleep. I took a long nap, I guess. Mommy was taking a nap when I woke up screaming because I had a bad dream but we cuddled and I fell asleep again for another half hour. Then we woke and played. 
Later, Mommy and I played with my Mickey Mouse soccer ball Brandon got me for my birthday and I love when she helps me kick the ball and yells "Goooool!" It's so fun! We also played with the puppets Grandma Koko got me for my birthday, they are farm puppets and we sang Old MacDonald and I love when Mommy makes the animal noises. I can only make the cow noise. Soon it was time for me to eat dinner and I ate everthing that Mommy made for me. It was so yummy! 
Grandpa and Grandma came over so I played with Grandpa while everyone else had dinner. I started getting fussy so Mommy said it was time for bed. I took my bath and then Mommy read to me and then I went straight to bed.

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