Monday, November 16, 2009

Day 93

Dear Daddy,
Today was a very busy day. Mommy was off today so we took advantage of it and worked on your Christmas present. We got one of your gifts and are currently working on the other one. It's exhausting! Mommy is all stressed out because she says Christmas is gonna bite her in the butt...I think she's being silly, how is that supposed to happen anyway? Mommy took me to the park today and I got to play until it was time to go home for lunch. Mommy says she can't turn her back on me for three seconds because I make a huge mess. While she was getting lunch ready I decided to help her, since I saw laundry sitting there. I also helped her rearrange books and toys. She wasn't too happy though, she said that the living room looked like it got hit by Hurricane Gabriel. She's so funny! 
I wish I could tell you everything we did but that would give away a whole lot of your gift! Mommy says she can't wait for you to get the present, I tell her she needs to hurry up and finish it so we can mail it already. This woman, I tell ya!
We did take a nap though, well I did, she was too busy working on the gift and folding laundry, cleaning up and helping Tia Dany with her homework. When I woke up we had more things to work on and then we ate dinner. Mommy and I played for awhile and then Grandma and Grandpa came over and played with me while Mommy ate. I started getting tired so Mommy got me ready for bed and read a few books to me. I nursed and then I went to my crib to sleep. Such a busy day!

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